Welcome at Frændi's IMP system

Welcome to Fraendi

This is the public home page of the Frændi community IMP system. 

What you can do here:

We use our own exchange basis that we call IMPs. Frænds receive and spend IMPs in exchange for valuable contributions they make or receive inside the Frændi ecosystem.

  • Consulting fees: You work alongside other Frændi partners in a project. We calculate the overall value in IMPs, everybody receives a share of IMPs for their specific contributions in the project, and Frændi retains a share for the general support and its services to all partners.
  • Developmental assessments: All assessment services are delivered under the license of Frændi. If you are scoring or supporting an assessment, the fees from the assessment are divided up among the various contributors. All shares are calculated in IMPs
  • CADRA project: We work on the ERASMUS+ funded development project to deliver over 40 assessments in early 2021, and work on the practical implementation of a self-service developmental website and matching tool. Your contributions here will enter your IMP accountYou can offer any of your own services or products or invitations to stay over at your place etc. against IMPs or use your IMPs to accept such offers from within this community.
  • The Frændi Developmental Community: We are in this for our own development, individually and among peers. We commit to our joint development with a yearly amount of IMP. This amount is 500 IMP for the developmental assessment community. Obviously, these IMPs are meant to be delivered through your contributions, only exceptionally through an exchange into EUR.
  • We regularly offer the possibility to exchange some of your excess IMP (if you happen to have them) in EUR or any other currency.